Korean Construction Site in Dunjeon: The Korean Mode of Reproduction

“Buildings have been man’s companions since primeval times” – Walter Benjamin

So there it is, the first video of the Korean Construction Site in Dunjeon, EVER.  It’s an exclusive, a scoop you might say.

There’s not a lot to say that isn’t in the video.  You might notice a crashing sound around the 4 minute 17 seconds mark: that’s just me unwittingly kicking one of those big flowerpots over, it’s actually not the first time that’s happened I must admit.  The aeroplane at the end of the video was not planned at all, just a nice coincidence.

On the subject of music: I have been listening more to podcasts recently, as they are a lot easier to synch with the ipad than my own albums are at the moment.  I’ve always liked the Beats in Space and Optimo podcasts, but I’m a relative newcomer to the excellent DJ History podcasts.  I really like the plain, radio style of Bill Brewster and the selection of songs is uniformly great it seems.  Anyway, this song is from one of the DJ History podcasts and it’s by Michael Kiwanuka, who was voted to be the voice of 2012 by Radio 1 would you believe.

If anyone can recommend any other good podcasts I’d be really interested to hear about them by the way, I’m becoming quite a fan of the format.

One more thing: please note that you can subscribe to this blog by clicking on the “Follow” button (which is either at the bottom of the page you’re looking at or in the top right, depending on how you come to this page I think).  You can also follow my channel on Youtube, which may or not be pointless.  I’ll certainly be uploading more videos in the future, but always through the blog I should think.

More Korean capers soon.

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12 Responses to Korean Construction Site in Dunjeon: The Korean Mode of Reproduction

  1. Dan says:

    Best Show Gems is my favourite podcast. It’s every fortnight.
    http://wfmu.org/playlists/BD – is on iTunes too.
    To dip your toes in the water, try the Jan 25 2010 edition, it’s AMAZING.

  2. Dan says:

    That guy playing Barry Levitz is Jon Wurster, he drums for the Mountain Goats and Superchunk.

  3. Kieran says:

    Great, nice to see you taking the foray into the world of video. The construction site is everything I’d imagine and no more. You’re right to point out the ‘spatialising’ quality of moving images over still, good to get some angles. The ending was rather poetic, as oft are ending’s wont.

    I saw someone filming using an iPad once and thought it looked a bit absurd, but now I can kind of see how it can actually work fairly well, bizarrely as a semi-covert method of shooting. With a camera you could be doing only one thing and the sound and image quality of phones is still generally poor, whereas with this it just looks like you’re peripatetic yet engrossed in a tricky level of Angry Birds or on Skype (Which I imagine isn’t that uncommon a sight in Korea). It’s unwieldiness becomes its camouflage, as proved in the lift. The picture and sound seem perfectly good for online purposes and I can only assume Apple throw in a bit of basic editing software?

    I also like the single unbroken shot, very Observational. Makes a change from the chop-happy Youtube norm, the descriptive stream of consciousness flows well and is engaging too. If you removed the planned intention of the narrative this could become something different. One of my lecturer’s is doing some interesting projects that involve similar techniques; equipping strangers with microphones and asking them to walk a familiar route while vocalising their thoughts, then collating the results. You could do a lot with this in a place like Korea, an inter-cultural take on Baudelaire’s flâneur or Debord’s dérive, perhaps.

    But far be it from me to steer the noble, soviet-esque documentary of an efficient erection (no sniggering at the back) towards some woolly anthro-media project. Stay on course comrade. And please, keep the iPad rolling.

    PS. That vertical axis movement you were searching for is called a ’tilt’, as you correctly stated the horizontal is a ‘pan’. I know you’re a sucker for lingo.

    • I love a good poetic ending me. First time I’ve actually noticed planes overhead actually.

      Yeah the ipad actually worked really well for filming, like you said its unwieldiness became a plus. I was rumbled in the lift though, the woman directly in front of me glanced at the mirror and saw the reflection of my screen, which is why she moved closer to her partner and muttered disapproval (i assume) to him.

      As a relative newcome to apple, I had to take the video to my laptop and use some freeware to trim it there. Any recommendations for video editing software on the ipad (or indeed windows) are very welcome. I used Avidemux, which was basic but did the trick.

      Not a great deal of Skype but I think Angry Bird is probably more recognisable to Koreans than Barack Obama is. Hugely popular, as evidenced by the proliferation of associated stationery at school: always a good indicator.

      Never thought of it in terms of the flaneur you know. So much of what makes up the character of the flaneur is absent in this culture, it certainly wouldn’t be a straightforward copycat kind of thing…might do something like that in Seoul, I’m particularly interested in making a sound recording of such a journey, I tried actually it with a dictaphone but the quality wasn’t good enough.

      Thanks for the anthro-input, always welcome of course, as well as the technical vocab, and the wee review as a whole actually! If I ever do anything that requires more sophistication than a simple trim I’ll be sure to consult you!

      • Kieran says:

        Ive edited on Macs but using higher end stuff like Avid Media Composer and Final Cut Pro 7, which do take a while to learn the ropes on and have buckets of advanced settings. Avidemux is more than fine for bits and bobs I reckon, trimming and whatnot.

        Although it’s receiving much scorn from the voices of video editors pretty much everywhere, I reckon locating a sneaky copy of Final Cut X might actually work out for you. I’d probably find it as frustrating as everyone else, but for entry level straight-to-web users Im sure it’s actually quite an exciting tool… take a look anyway. Then again, I know as much about iPads as I do about the reproductive process of Echidnas – the basics, but can’t quite visualise how the interface works.

      • Kieran says:

        As for recording a sound-walk, dictaphone is a no-no really, all the sound would come out flat, thats not what theyre designed for obviously. You ideally want a dedicated sound recorder hooked up to a mic on a hand-basher or boom to get directional sound OR something like binaural mics which are very cool and capture a 3D stereo effect for a more corporeal sensation. Costs a bit of money to put the kit together, but you can edit it on even something as basic as Audacity and get good results.

  4. Kieran says:

    Oh yeah – ‘Resident Advisor’, ‘Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo’s Film Review’ and ‘From Our Own Correspondent’ are my cast-iron weekly ear fodder.

    • Top, forgot about the Mark Kermode one, I remember his review for Pirates of the Caribbean 3, that was great. Will definitely check out From Our Own Correspondent, looks good. Need to get back into RA, and into dance music as a whole really, feeling a bit left out all the way over here!

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