Korean Construction Site in Dunjeon: Beyond the Construction Site

No plant pots getting kicked over this time sadly, but a snow-covered Korean journey for you to enjoy/watch/endure nevertheless.  This was filmed at a temperature of -14° with my BARE HANDS (this just means I wasn’t wearing gloves whilst holding the ipad).

I make mention in this video of the Korean concept of ‘nunchi’ – here is the post I recently wrote on ‘nunchi’ and ‘kibun’.

This one is slightly NSFW (that’s ‘Not Safe For Work’, in case you didn’t know), but, as you will see, this is relevant to the topic at hand rather than just being an impromptu outburst.

More Korean works of endeavour eventually.

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2 Responses to Korean Construction Site in Dunjeon: Beyond the Construction Site

  1. Pete Bend says:

    Loved the video. But what a big tease…leaving us at the doors. All it was missing was the Eastenders dum dum dum dum dum!!!!!! Obviously you have a future in directing soaps!!

    Love the fact that you have been swearing at kids and old people and no-ones pulled you up on it until Mr Kim saw fit. It certainly proves the ‘nunchi’ point. I’ve been trying to be more ‘nunchi’ in work. People just think i’m ill though!!!!

    Just off the watch Spurs give the scouse a good spanking. Still reeling from the superb Chelski/United game yesterday. A case of United’s old timers being too cute for AVB and his merry band of mercenaries. Bet AVB wasn’t looking forward to the visit from Mr Abromovich and his gang at the training ground today. Men have ‘disappeared’ for less serious offences than squandering a three goal lead.

    • Haha! I like that about the Eastenders theme tune, really hope I run into the equivalent of the Mitchell brothers at some point!

      Good on you for trying the ‘nunchi’ Pete, we could all do with a bit more nunchi I think!

      Yet to see the match highlights from the Utd game, sounds like a cracker though – sounds like the Liverpool game wasn’t too special though…

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