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Ridicurous Engrish: Shop No.6

This convinces me that there is some element of ‘punnery’ going on in some quarters in South Korea – it’s just that the puns are often a little bit half-baked, if you’ll excuse THAT pun.      

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Darrell Kramer: The Internet Strikes Back

Following my blog about the tragedy of Darrell Kramer yesterday, the unstoppable force of the internet has once again collided with the immovable object of life.  An intrepid friend of mine took up my closing line (“I simply couldn’t find … Continue reading

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Darrell Kramer

I was waiting to take the subway today when I noticed a bizarre looking man haunting the platform.  He was Western, but bore no hint of the easy affluence that 99% of anyone Western in Korea bears.  He looked like … Continue reading

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