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Unfortunately for you (and yet fortunately for me) this is not a post about eating local ‘delicacies’ – although live octopus/dog might be happening soon, so stay tuned for THAT.  No, this is a brief post about a peculiarly violent … Continue reading

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My First Kendo Tournament

Last Sunday, I actively participated in a regional Kendo tournament.  It was my first Kendo tournament since I started ‘the way of the sword’ back in October and it was a steep learning curve in many ways.  Here’s how it … Continue reading

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Ridicurous Engrish: Shop No.7

“To my beloved Chicken, There was a time where I didn’t believe in love.  I really thought it never existed, but this is the time that makes me want to thank you.  Thank you for everything, because it is you … Continue reading

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