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Ridicurous Engrish: Food No.4

“I can’t believe the Koreans would do this to me…still Nwankwo, think of the royalties…” “…wait, what…they don’t even have a WORD for royalties?”         Advertisements

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Ridicurous Engrish: Stationery No.3

I have actually been feeling a little bit frightened this month due to an unusually high number of birth announcements that I’ve been receiving, so this piece of stationery couldn’t have come at a better time for me. On a … Continue reading

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Unfortunately for you (and yet fortunately for me) this is not a post about eating local ‘delicacies’ – although live octopus/dog might be happening soon, so stay tuned for THAT.  No, this is a brief post about a peculiarly violent … Continue reading

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My First Kendo Tournament

Last Sunday, I actively participated in a regional Kendo tournament.  It was my first Kendo tournament since I started ‘the way of the sword’ back in October and it was a steep learning curve in many ways.  Here’s how it … Continue reading

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Ridicurous Engrish: Shop No.7

“To my beloved Chicken, There was a time where I didn’t believe in love.  I really thought it never existed, but this is the time that makes me want to thank you.  Thank you for everything, because it is you … Continue reading

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Ridicurous Engrish: Shop No.6

This convinces me that there is some element of ‘punnery’ going on in some quarters in South Korea – it’s just that the puns are often a little bit half-baked, if you’ll excuse THAT pun.      

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Darrell Kramer: The Internet Strikes Back

Following my blog about the tragedy of Darrell Kramer yesterday, the unstoppable force of the internet has once again collided with the immovable object of life.  An intrepid friend of mine took up my closing line (“I simply couldn’t find … Continue reading

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Darrell Kramer

I was waiting to take the subway today when I noticed a bizarre looking man haunting the platform.  He was Western, but bore no hint of the easy affluence that 99% of anyone Western in Korea bears.  He looked like … Continue reading

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Massida! Pt.3 – Lotteria

At the moment, I eat out pretty much all the time.  It works out cheaper that way and it’s also quite a bit tastier than my own efforts with local ingredients.  I am by no means giving up on becoming … Continue reading

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Ridicurous Engrish: Shop No.5

Holy moley, it’s a health and beauty shop called ‘Tony Moly’. It’s quite an amusing name for a shop, especially because ‘Tony Moly’ is quite probably a reference to toning moles – ‘toneh moleh’ is more or less how a … Continue reading

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