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Unfortunately for you (and yet fortunately for me) this is not a post about eating local ‘delicacies’ – although live octopus/dog might be happening soon, so stay tuned for THAT.  No, this is a brief post about a peculiarly violent … Continue reading

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Massida! Pt.3 – Lotteria

At the moment, I eat out pretty much all the time.  It works out cheaper that way and it’s also quite a bit tastier than my own efforts with local ingredients.  I am by no means giving up on becoming … Continue reading

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Ridicurous Engrish: Shop No.5

Holy moley, it’s a health and beauty shop called ‘Tony Moly’. It’s quite an amusing name for a shop, especially because ‘Tony Moly’ is quite probably a reference to toning moles – ‘toneh moleh’ is more or less how a … Continue reading

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Brian with Coin

One of my students, Brian, photocopied his own face earlier today.  He was sent to the staffroom to make some standard photocopies and returned with a little something extra. He also included a 100₩ coin piece in the shot, which … Continue reading

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“Joke or no joke”: Update

A few weeks ago I wrote about the plight of the hapless Park Jeung Geun and promised an update if there were any developments – well, for the first time in 40 days (the day when he was arrested), he … Continue reading

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The Most Expensive Cheese Grater in the World

Cheese isn’t really something South Korea has mastered just yet.  The fact that it’s pronounced “cheeg-UH” gives this away a little bit.  However it’s still absolutely ludicrous that a major supermarket chain charges 92,000₩ for this cheese grater – current … Continue reading

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“Joke or no joke”

There is a long, colourful and occasionally hilarious tradition of jokes going wrong in the UK. From Billy Connolly’s Ken Bigley joke to the Andrew Sachs/Jonathan Ross incident, there is a tipping point when it comes to jokes.  Push it … Continue reading

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How to get a sofa up 12 storeys in 30 seconds

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Korean Construction Site in Dunjeon: Beyond the Construction Site

No plant pots getting kicked over this time sadly, but a snow-covered Korean journey for you to enjoy/watch/endure nevertheless.  This was filmed at a temperature of -14° with my BARE HANDS (this just means I wasn’t wearing gloves whilst holding … Continue reading

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Ridicurous Engrish: Stationery No.2

I think quite a bit more might get ‘acoomplished’ at Korean schools if the stationery manufacturers did a spell-check now and again.  Thanks for the atrocious grammar too, you sinister blue-eyed bear.

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