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My First Kendo Tournament

Last Sunday, I actively participated in a regional Kendo tournament.  It was my first Kendo tournament since I started ‘the way of the sword’ back in October and it was a steep learning curve in many ways.  Here’s how it … Continue reading

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Kendo Snaps

The photos you’ve been waiting for.  Me and Mr Kim in action, learning the way of the sword: Kumdo.   We are warriors; brothers; and colleagues. These photos were taken by the Master – no image of him just yet, … Continue reading

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Fat Men Can Do Kendo

Mr Kim had told me in advance that the visiting Kumdo master was a “big guy, perhaps as big as you”.  Whilst this was not realised in terms of height, it was surpassed in terms of build.  The man was … Continue reading

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Blare and the 30 Second Tournament

Firstly, a disclaimer.  I am not very good at taking photographs.  I am hopeless at evoking a mood or capturing a feeling with a camera – (unlike my Australian compadre, Joe Coleman – Joe is having his work exhibited in Barcelona soon, at … Continue reading

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Mr Kim, Kim and I

The principal people of this post; and in the case of Mr Kim, my general existence in South Korea: Mr Kim – Mr Kim is the headmaster at my local school.  Mr Kim is a great guy.  He introduced me … Continue reading

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The way of the sword

I have officially begun my journey towards enlightenment through the way of the sword – Kendo. Mr Kim drove me over to the gym, about a 10 minute drive from where I live.  I was feeling very excited and a … Continue reading

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