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Ridicurous Engrish: Food No.4

“I can’t believe the Koreans would do this to me…still Nwankwo, think of the royalties…” “…wait, what…they don’t even have a WORD for royalties?”         Advertisements

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Ridicurous Engrish: Stationery No.3

I have actually been feeling a little bit frightened this month due to an unusually high number of birth announcements that I’ve been receiving, so this piece of stationery couldn’t have come at a better time for me. On a … Continue reading

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Unfortunately for you (and yet fortunately for me) this is not a post about eating local ‘delicacies’ – although live octopus/dog might be happening soon, so stay tuned for THAT.  No, this is a brief post about a peculiarly violent … Continue reading

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Ridicurous Engrish: Shop No.6

This convinces me that there is some element of ‘punnery’ going on in some quarters in South Korea – it’s just that the puns are often a little bit half-baked, if you’ll excuse THAT pun.      

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How to get a sofa up 12 storeys in 30 seconds

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Korean Construction Site in Dunjeon: Beyond the Construction Site

No plant pots getting kicked over this time sadly, but a snow-covered Korean journey for you to enjoy/watch/endure nevertheless.  This was filmed at a temperature of -14° with my BARE HANDS (this just means I wasn’t wearing gloves whilst holding … Continue reading

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Massida! Pt.2 – Samgyeopsal

This week’s ‘Massida!’ is not so much about the food as it is about the people.  This is good news!  Although there is always an opportunity for great food in Korea, a meaningful conversation with someone local is a rare … Continue reading

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Chinese New Year in Korea Pt. 1

Preparations are underway in Korea for tonight’s Lunar New Year celebrations.  I have to get into the habit of calling it the ‘Lunar New Year’ because I asked Mr Kim what his plans for “Chinese New Year” were a couple … Continue reading

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Ridicurous Engrish: Food No. 3

They didn’t have nostalgia in Korea before 1993 – those really were the good old days. As a matter of fact the only nostalgia this hideous drink gave me was for a time when I could buy cans of pop … Continue reading

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Massida! Pt. 1 – Tonkatsu

Food in Korea is great.  It’s cheap, it’s nourishing, it’s healthy and if it’s made for you, it’s usually pretty fantastic.  So the bar for what constitutes a good meal in Korea has slowly been raised since my arrival – … Continue reading

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